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  • Eleanor M.
    Every city should have one of these. I always make sure to come to Venus Envy every time I'm in Halifax. I've been to a couple of other 'sex' stores, usually with a lingering feeling of disgust and awkwardness as I pass my purchase to a slightly scary looking older man... This is not the case at Venus Envy, the feeling I get there is comparable to being in a candy store, it is clean and fun and has a great vibe. The staff are friendly and super knowledgeable. I must say that it is really nice to see a store like this oriented toward women. YES! A store that supports real sex for real people in actual relationships! Oh... and they offer a student discount!
    Eleanor M.
  • Jacob B.
    Interesting place to get erotic stuff and adult toys, cool setup they have, you can find it on Barrington with no problems and that the staff are comfortable in talking about their products and that they're not embarrassed at all so it makes you feel calmer when asking about questions, tips or product safety/usage. One Thing I like doing is going over to the wall of Dildos, start Humming Beethoven's Fur Elise while gently slapping each one "in tune" to the humming....Yup I'm going to hell but I'm bringing Smores with me xD
    Jacob B.
  • Philip H.
    One of the most friendly adult stores I've been to, not that I frequent them... ahem. If you are looking for a new toy, an educational book, or just have a question, the staff here help you with NO prejudgment on gender or sexual preference. Many guys would feel weird going into a shop that sells dildos and vibrators, no need, these folks are great help. 5+ stars to team VE!
    Philip H.