nobü kits – Playful Kit

nobü kits - Playful Kit

Product Information

Got a taste for devilish fun and role playing?  The Playful Kit and its six items for erotic excitement is a very good place to start. Included in the box is a pair of Metal Handcuffs, a set of Duo Balls for her (xtreme vibration kegel balls), a Feather to tickle his or her fancy, adjustable Nipple Clamps with metal hoop-ring extensions, and a handy 10 inch leatherette Whip to show your partner who’s in charge tonight! And lastly, to keep things sliding along… a 50 ml tube of quality NOBU Bodilub water based gel lubricant (no stain, condom safe and skin friendly). Party-on! This Kit Contains: • 50ml Waterbased Lubricant • Metal Cuffs with Keys • Duo Balls – Kegel Balls • Nipple Clamps with Rings Ornaments • Feather • Whip

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