nobu – Exotic Massage Candle Display – 24 pcs

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Nobu - Exotic Massage Candle Display - 24 pcs

Product Information

Order Nobu - Exotic Massage Candle Display - 24 pcs 24 Candes per Display @ $456.00

Three delicious aromas !

6x Sea Breeze
6x Neroli
6x Amber Vanilla
6 x Ginger

Each exotic 6.2 fl oz. candle, in a textured black ceramic bowl (oval shape for easy pour), made with essential oils of the highest standards. Its sexy shape and aroma are designed to enhance the romantic mood and seduce your partner.

These massage candles are made out of a blend of natural oils and refined soy wax ! As they burn, the wax melts into a delicious pool of perfectly warmed massage oil, ready to be dripped onto your lover’s skin and massaged in with long delicious strokes, thus making his/her skin soft & silky !

The warmth of the oil, the exotic scents and the flickering candlelight are the perfect combination of sensory pleasure, creating a rich and memorable experience with very little effort or expense !

1 FREE Massage candle as tester.